C++ Threads Using Boost in 5 Minutes

C++ Threads Using boost::thread in 5 Minutes This post is the first in the new "5 Minute" series. Each post is accompanied by a 5min tutorial video on YouTube. I realized when looking for YouTube tutorials that I gravitate towards … Continue reading

Lazy Evaluation Makes for Smart map<>

Lazy Evaluation Lazy evaluation delays the evaluation of an expression until its value is needed.1 Adding a mechanism to an stl::map that calculates the value based on the key adds optional lazy evaluation. This can be used to populate the … Continue reading

Visual Studio 11 Beta Problem - TRACKER error TRK0005, TRK0002

2012-05-20 This is an update to the original post of 2012/05/09 that was partially correct. The Problem When linking with VS11 Beta, you receive a TRACKER error of TRK0005 or TRK0002 referencing either rc.exe or mt.exe. This means that VS11 … Continue reading